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A/C Repair At Olathe Auto Clinic Auto Repair Shop

While your vehicle may still run with a broken or malfunctioning air conditioning or heating system, you may end up jumping out and prefer walking than suffering inside an uncomfortable climate.

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A vehicle's climate control system is in fact a complex set of smaller systems that come together to manage and maintain the comfortable cabin temperature of your vehicle as well as a safe internal operating temperature which is particularly important during times of extreme weather when your car may have trouble staying cool or warm enough.

If you begin to notice that your car or truck is struggling to maintain the ideal temperature it once did, or if there is an abnormal strange smell in the vehicle's cabin, or perhaps you have noticed an unknown fluid leak, these are all warning signs that you may need an A/C repair or replacement. The diagnosis could range from improper refrigerant levels to a broken belt or damaged compressor. Our team of masterful, reliable, and attentive auto mechanics will use the latest in diagnostic technology to find the fix that gets you back to a comfortable driving experience.

If you'd like to avoid the risk of issues with your auto's A/C, check your owner's manual to find out if your climate control system is overdue for a check up, every vehicle has it's own manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule.

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