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We hire honesty, personality & experience.  We do not cheat or lie to our clients so please do not apply if you have willingly ever been apart of this kind of mechanic culture.

Our culture is built on honesty, service, taking care of our clients at the highest level and making sure they leave in a vehicle that not only runs great but is absolutely safe.  

If you are interested in becoming part of a fun team whose word matters please give us a call as we'd love to shake your hand and turn some wrenches with you.

Job Two:  Senior Automotive Technician

Duties:  At least 2-3 years of strong automotive mechanical diagnosis, problem-solving and repair experience, 3 ASE certifications are preferred for this position.

You will also need a high level of motivation, energy and a customer-focused attitude.  Must have a Valid Driver's License.  Pre-employment drug test/physical/ background check will help assure we build teams of people who can best work with others and serve customer needs.

Qualifications Needed:  Graduate of Auto Tech School 3 ASE certifications are preferred for this position.

How to Apply:  EMAIL US AT 

Salary:  Commensurate with Experience

 Looking forward to talking with you.


JOB ONE:  Light Duty Mechanic

Date:  11/1/2017  Part time or Full Time: Part-time / Will work with school schedule!  Or Full Time if Graduate of Auto Tech school.


Perform oil and filter changes, change belts and hoses, thorough vehicle inspections, brake, transmission, differential, suspension, and steering services. Perform any other non major, engine work.

Qualifications Needed:

Current student of Auto Tech School or Graduate of Auto Tech School

How to Apply:  EMAIL:

Salary:  Commensurate with Experience

WE ENCOURAGE YOU:  To stop by with your resume, shake each others hands.  We appreciate straight forward people who love the industry.  We will work with good people and treat them with respect!  Honesty is everything.  We don't mind teaching and we don't mind certain areas that you may be rusty on, that can all be trained, however, we shy away from deception & negativity.  

Looking forward to meeting you.  Our company is growing at a substantial rate because we give honest cutting edge service.  We hope you'll consider joining the team!  Cheers to you & yours.