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Transmission Certified

We are expert in both the maintenance and installation of transmissions on cars, SUV's & trucks!  Whether your vehicle has an automatic, manual or semi-automatic transmission our team is certified to take care of you.


A malfunctioning transmission can affect so many other parts of your vehicles and it's performance.  If you are having issues with your transmission repairing it as soon as possible is critical to prevent further transmission damage!

Transmission repair is one of our specialties.  

We are proud to service Olathe, KS, Overland Park, KS, Kansas City, KS, and all of our sister cities with top notch, honest & reliable transmission repair!  

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How does your transmission work?

Your transmission is the bridge between your engine & wheels conrolling a set of sensors and gears to help your vehicle go up & down in speed.  A transmission is a critical part of your vehicle. 

Transmission fluid is a critical control point inside your transmission making sure that your transmission is protected from the heat generated during your car, truck or SUV's operation.  

How Olathe Auto Clinic Can Help You With Your Transmission:

Regular maintenance on your transmission is key.  We will replace and top off your fluids as well as make sure there are no other ongoing issues that need attention.  

If your transmission has had any damage of any kind we are certified to maintenance and repair every kind of transmission sending you on the road with a reliable efficient vehicle.  

Give us a call to set up an appointment so we can take care of you!